Kaizen Technologies Inc., a trading division of Catalystix Inc._

Open Letter: 19 August 2016

Dear GoDaddy,

You might wonder why we would go to such serious extremes to reach you. Well, because your business systems are so inflexible that you cannot perform the most basic customer service functions.

We own  the domain www.megafauna.com which recently required renewal. The link you sent us for renewal does not work and we cannot access our account.

We have the account number. The admin email address. And the domain in question. But we cannot access the account to renew our domain.

We have attempted to use your CHANGEUPDATE service but all we get is form replies to every submission asking us for IRS paperwork which, as we have explained SEVERAL TIMES we do not have because we are not in the United States. Further, we do not require a business license in our jurisdiction.

We have now invested countless hours trying to gain access to our own domain and no longer know what to do.

We will leave this open letter up in place of our home page until you respond to our requests to transfer our domain away from GoDaddy.


Kaizen Technologies